Need to Estimate Network Cabling Costs?

Need to budget the data cabling installation costs for your facility? Don’t know where or how to obtain a full network cabling installation pricing assessment? Then try out our simple Structured Cabling Cost Calculator!

Just by answering a few simple questions, our structured cabling cost estimate tool can provide you with a rough estimate of how much your structured cabling job will cost*.

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What type of cable(s) do you need?

If you're not sure, check out our blog about riser vs. plenum cables.

How many workstations or users will there be?

How many cables per workstation do you need?

Is this new construction or retrofit?

What market/industry best describes your business/project?

Will there be more than one (1) IT Room?

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*Note: This calculator is only meant to provide a rough estimate of what your approximate cost of cabling installation should be based on the responses provided—actual costs may vary depending on other factors. This calculator is based on having one (1) IT room. If there is more than one (1), please request a consultation.